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The Experience

Life is a mixture of experiences, challenges and learning. It is what makes us who we are. That's why you have to dare to do incredible and unforgettable things, like flying.

Parachute jumping is a unique experience that combines excitement and adrenaline in large numbers. It is an opportunity to see the world, specifically our Mirandine shores, from a much more astonishing point of view. The important thing is that you should not be a professional to jump.

Thanks to the tandem mode, in which the enthusiast jumps together with an instructor through a double harness system, it is possible to live this accompanied by a professional. Everyone can do it!

Dare to jump, fly, and live an amazing experience that will make you a braver person!

Tandem Jump Types: Requires little preparation time. It basically teaches how to get out of the plane and the position that the body should have to favor flight and fall in the company of the instructor.

Relative flying: This is the most common practice, and it is when you descend from "tummy" horizontally.

Sky surf: It jumps with a special board that allows to glide with the wind to make showy movements.

Free fly: As its English name says, it is a free flight in which you have the power to choose any position (sitting, head, ), Everything is left to the imagination of the jumper.

Free style: In this mode, a few more elaborate maneuvers are practiced. It is a kind of aerial Olympic gymnastics in which acrobatics, pirouettes, ringlets, mortals, among others are made.

Accuracy: Precision jumping. It is the most difficult of all, it requires much practice, as it must be landed at a certain point, at a precise speed and at a calculated distance. The parachute used is smaller and develops great speed

Questions Where is the experience developed?

At the airport of Higuerote, located in Sabana de Oro, passing the Salt Water Club.

How should I dress?

We recommend wearing sportswear for the experience, comfortable clothing and closed shoes.

Anyone can do the activity?

It is necessary to check in case of people suffering from a disability or heart condition. Also if they are minors or people of great weight.

Can I make more than one jump one day?

Yes, and if you pay the second jump on the same day, it will be half price but does not include video.

Is there a maximum weight to be able to jump?

The maximum weight, including clothing, is 100 kilograms.

Can I skip if I am a minor?

Yes, but you must be accompanied by your representatives.

Can you eat before you jump?

It is important to have a good breakfast before going to the jumping area and staying well hydrated throughout the day.

How should I prepare before jumping?

It is important not to dive dives during the last 24 hours prior to the flight, otherwise it is to be calm and ready to live an incredible experience.


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Salto en Paracaidas en Higuerote

Salto en Paracaidas en Higuerote